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Established in 2020 by DROPS in Kabul, Afghanistan, Bishnaw is your gateway to the diverse experiences of Afghan women. Through innovative digital tools and community-based methodologies, we capture real-time insights from 19 provinces, offering a nuanced understanding of social, economic, and political issues.

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Bishnaw is powered by the Organization for Policy Research and Development Studies (DROPS), founded in 2014. Committed to inclusivity and pluralism, DROPS conducts evidence-based research to offer policymakers alternative solutions to national issues.

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Explore Bishnaw to listen, learn, and uplift the voices of Afghan women. Together, let’s drive positive change in Afghanistan and beyond.

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Delve into the rich tapestry of Afghan women’s lives with Bishnaw. Our platform offers a dynamic blend of community-based methodologies and digital survey tools, across 19 provinces. From Tele-Surveys to Face-to-Face Interviews and Focus Group Discussions, we employ a diverse range of methods to capture the multifaceted realities faced by Afghan women. With over 44,000 surveys conducted, Bishnaw provides a nuanced understanding of social, economic, humanitarian, security, and political issues, painting a comprehensive picture of women’s daily experiences in the country.


Latest Surveys

Gender Apartheid in Afghanistan

Gender Apartheid in Afghanistan

3,640 women in 24 provinces were polled on describing the restrictions imposed by the Taliban on women and girls and what they believe are the intentions behind these restrictions.


Latest Publications

The Mental Health Crisis Among Afghan Women and Girls

This policy brief has been developed by the DROPS, in partnership with ODI, SOAS, SOAS (ICoPS), the Raoul Wallenberg Institute, and the Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in Afghanistan.

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